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Montgomery: Horne Should Resign

(KFYI News) – Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery is calling on state attorney general Tom Horne to resign.  

It came in a Tweet from county attorney Bill Montgomery: "If Tom really wanted to help the state, he would have resigned by now."  At a news conference, Montgomery defended the message.

"All you gotta do is go back and look at everything that he's done and not done in office, and the disgrace that he's brought to it – the lack of confidence in his ability to lead an agency that size, not to mention a law enforcement agency," Montgomery told reporters.

Horne has been on the hot seat for well over a year for a supposed extramarital affair, being behind the wheel when FBI agents saw him hit a parked car and not leave a note or report it to anyone, and most recently for allegedly coordinating efforts with a independent expenditure committee during his last election in 2010, which violates state election law.

Montgomery is supporting the challenger in Horne's re-election bid.  In a statement, Horne says Montgomery's remarks are politically motivated.

Horne added that Montgomery "has abused his prosecutorial office for political purposes and continues to do so."



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