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Sheriff's Office Rounds Up Deadbeat Parents

(KFYI News) – As he has every Father's Day weekend since 2002, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio presided over Saturday's roundup of deadbeat parents.

Sheriff's deputies and volunteer posse members armed with arrest warrants fanned out across the county to try and track down men – and women – who have failed to comply with court-ordered child and spousal support, and arrest those they can find.

In all, Arpaio says, the offenders owe a total of nearly $3.8 million in support.

With his wife Ava at his side at the launch of the operation Saturday morning, Arpaio said "Both my wife and I view our family obligations as top priority.  That's what you should do when you have children.  It's a lifetime contract and if the marriage doesn't work out, you still owe it to your children to support them.

"When you abscond on that obligation in Maricopa County," he added, "my deputies and posse will find you, and book you into jail until you figure out a way to pay what you owe."

Violators taken into custody were brought to a booking van at Park Central Mall, near Thomas Rd. and Central Ave. in Phoenix for processing, as TV cameras got the booking process on video.


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